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Is your child struggling in school, not making good grades, having trouble keeping up with their peers?

Kids With Class KC is a one-of-a-kind reading recovery program that utilizes proven techniques and strategies for the struggling student.   Our program is designed and created by a reading specialist, with over 30 years in education.  It uses proven, researched methods shown to propel the struggling students into success.      

Learning together in groups is not only fun, 
it increases growth and motivation.

Our Expertise

Kids With Class KC uses a program, designed by a Reading Specialist, using proven strategies, to bring your child into reading proficiency.  Our kids make amazing growth, in relatively short periods of time.  Most importantly, they are lasting gains, that they take with them throughout their lives.  

Our expertise is helping your child succeed in reading.  We teach the skill of fluency, which is the most important aspect in determining your child's growth in reading.  Did you know that most tutoring services, and even schools, do not teach fluency.  Yet, it is the door to comprehension,and the number one reason that children fall behind in reading development.


Learning new things, discovering the world, with your best friend.

Personalized Attention

We offer a proven computerized program that takes your child, one step at a time, through the phonetic code of the English language, and builds fluency with each lesson.  You will be amazed as your child begins to read words, sentences, stories, that they were struggling with just a few months prior to enrolling in our program.  As your child develops the ability to read confidently, their comprehension will improve as well.  Fluency and comprehension go hand in hand toward reading development and growth.  See your child smile, again, with new-found confidence, at Kids With Class KC.

Intro to Kids With Class KC

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About Us

Owner, Dana Segur, Reading Specialist K-12, is passionate about helping kids become ALL they can. With 30 years of teaching, she has developed a revolutionary one-of-a-kind reading recovery program for the struggling reader, based on proven strategies and techniques. She sees amazing growth each day with all the students at Kids With Class KC.  Let your child be the next to succeed.

Our Founder-Owner

Our Newest Teacher

Our Founder-Owner

Dana Segur has always had a heart for seeing children succeed. She has been in the field of education for over 30 years, as both a teacher, counselor and administrator.  Dana has her Bachelor's Degree in Education, Master's Degree in Counseling, and her Educational Specialist Degree in Administration.  She has seen students struggling many times needlessly in the classroom due to poor reading skills and poor reading methods.  She has developed the revolutionary,  one of a kind program, Kids With Class, to address students' reading dysfunction, and bring each child into reading proficiency.  She has seen success story after success story. 

Ms. Barb Burton, with compassion,  and a desire to see each child succeed, leads the teachig staff with warmth,  and a genuine motivation for each child to become proficient readers and students.

Our Lead Teacher

Our Newest Teacher

Our Founder-Owner

Ms. Barbara Burton has her Associate's Degree in Education, and brings her love of children to Kids With Class.  Barb has been a mentor in a variety of school and out of school programs.  She has been with Kids With Class for over 2 years, and has gone through extensive training in the Kids With Class methodology and strategies for success.  Her dedication, commitment, and faith is a hallmark of her many traits.  She encourages, applauds, and cheers each child's accomplishments in the program, and instills in each child the self-confidence to reach high.

Ms. Lolita Shannon, our newest teacher, is dynamite.  She has tremendous enthusiasm, and a great desire to see children take continued steps toward success.

Our Newest Teacher

Our Newest Teacher

Our Newest Teacher

Ms. Lolita Shannon brings a wealth of education and training to Kids With Class KC.  With a Bachelor's Degree in Education, and training with ESL Fast Track and Student Achievement Reading (STAR), we are blessed to have her wide range of experience. She has a desire to see children succeed, while she commands respect, attention, and adherence to doing things right.   With her teaching experience in preparing students for their G.E.D., (High School Equivalency) and her use of direct instruction for student development, she is well-prepared to meet the needs and challenges of helping  kids soar to success at Kids With Class KC.  

We Serve Each Child's Needs.

Tutoring Services

Let the wonder and joy of reading come alive for your child, at KidsWithClassKC.

Tutoring Services

Our program offers a step by step curriculum that takes your child into reading recovery and proficiency. Has your child struggled in school for a while?  Is the teacher suggesting retention, or summer school? Find out and solve the root problem of your child's delay.  We offer a free consultation and free reading assessment (valued at $180.00)  

Call 816 217- 5122 to make your no-obligation appointment.  

Real Testimonials from Parents

Kids With Class KC has been a God-send for our son, Chase.  He was in the 1st grade, and being recommended for retention.  We came to Kids With Class, and 8 months later, our son was reading not only at grade level, but one grade level above.  He is reading chapter books, and actually enjoying reading now.  We are so grateful for Kids With Class, and its owner, Dana Segur.  

Julie Jackson, Pharmacist, Kansas City, MO

I want to personally commend Kids With Class KC.  Both of my granddaughters have attended the program, with excellent results.  My first granddaughter was in the 2nd grade, and barely reading at the first grade level.  Her teacher was recommending that she repeat the year.  We enrolled at Kids With Class during the summer, and by the end of the summer, my granddaughter was reading at the 3rd grade level.  She is now in middle school, and reads proficiently and confidently.  Her younger sister was in serious trouble by the time she was in the 3rd grade.  She attends a good school district, and even received special help.  But it was not enough.  We enrolled her at Kids With Class, and now 6 months later, she is reading at grade level.  I firmly believe if it were not for Kids With Class, both of my granddaughters would have remained struggling readers throughout their school career.  

Bertha Packard, Kansas City, MO

I brought my granddaughter to Kids With Class with severe issues during her 2nd grade school year..  She was barely reading at a kindergarten level.  She suffered from visual and hearing impairments, as well as dyslexia.  Ms. Dana helped her immensely.  In fact, I can't say enough about Kids With Class.  If my granddaughter had not enrolled at Kids With Class, I don't believe she would be reading today.

  Sam Davis, Kansas City, MO  

Specials in Our Tutoring Service

We are running a special on our tuition pricing.  We are already the most reasonably priced tutoring service in the area, but we want to make sure our tuition prices make it possible for every child to receive the help they need.  

Reading Recovery Program

Many of the students in our tutoring centers make over 2-3 years growth with lasting gains in the classroom, in less than one year.  Some of our kids have been severely delayed and have caught up to their peers, gaining confidence and self esteem.  

If you have tried other tutoring programs, you may be given a false sense of your child's  improvement, as scores alone do not reflect the true understanding of the child's foundational base.  

Without a strong foundation, that your child receives at Kids With Class KC, your child may relapse after a few months, without having made true growth in their reading. 


At Kids With Class KC your kids enroll in a PROGRAM that systematically builds a foundation of reading skills, in a step-by-step program that leads to fluency, comprehension and complete reading success and recovery. 

Kids With Class KC is designed by a Reading Specialist, with over 30 years in education, who has used these same proven principles and strategies that propelled students toward success in the classroom.   


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